Meet Finnieston: the new Glasgow-based outerwear brand

Living in Scotland, we’re used to having to choose between a stylish outfit and a practical one. Blazers and blouses do not mix well with rainy, blustery autumn days.

Luckily, new Glasgow-based outdoor fashion brand Finnieston have designed a range of coats, jumpers and accessories that’s both fashionable and functional.

Beltane Coat Simple.jpg

At the core of the collection there are two jackets: the Beltane for women and the Stobcross for men. There’s also the Templar cashmere cable knit jumper, and the Isla knit beanie to keep you cosy.

The brand is based in Scotland’s heritage but, rather than an outdated version of Scotland shrouded in tradition, founder Ross Geddes aims to showcase Scotland as a hub of culture, fashion, art, music and food through the fashion-forward outerwear collection. Finnieston represents a Scotland that is ever changing, dynamic and on the pulse; but respectful of what built it.

Made from quality materials, this garment is as durable as its namesake area of Glasgow. The design reflects the vibrant mix of industrial heritage and eclectic contemporary culture that make Finnieston the place it is today.
— Ross Geddes, Founder of Finnieston

As well as borrowing its name from the beloved Glasgow neighbourhood, Finnieston have also incorporated the iconic crane into their logo as a nod to the culture and industrial heritage of the area. Invoking the community feeling of Finnieston, the brand is working collaboratively with local artists to design a limited edition lining for the jackets. A new artist will be chosen each year to design a new lining. These home-grown contemporary artists will each tell their own story, weaving layers into Finnieston’s heritage and further anchoring the brand in its Glasgow roots.

In addition to having the essence of Glasgow in the designs and linings, the entire Finnieston jacket is made and designed using local craftspeople. From Sprint Design based in Stirling who provide the embroidery, to Halley Stevensons in Dundee who provided their famous wax cotton fabric, each Finnieston jacket is entirely made and manufactured in the UK.

Launching in October 2018 with a capsule collection of luxury items, Finnieston is set to become a new standard in luxury Scottish outerwear for the discerning customer, worldwide, who wants their slice of art and culture all wrapped up in one particularly stylish jacket.

Find out more about Finnieston by visiting their website at, or following on Instagram and Facebook.