Five minutes with... Julie Brown of The Source Clinic

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We caught up with the founder of Edinburgh’s most beautiful skincare hub, The Source Clinic, which has just opened this month in Morningside, to find out more about the must-have treatments available and what we should all be doing to take care of our skin this summer…

Why did you decide to open The Source Clinic?

I am so passionate about the beauty and aesthetics industries, and I have always wanted to open my own clinic, so launching The Source Clinic feels like it’s been a very long time coming.

I felt that Edinburgh was missing a skin-specialised clinic, and I saw a gap in the market for somewhere that offers results-driven treatments in a luxurious environment; somewhere that you can relax in the moment, but continue to see and feel the benefits when you leave.

Sounds exciting! Can you tell us a bit more about the clinic?

The Source Clinic is all about encouraging skin confidence, and ensuring that every client feels like the best version of themselves. Everything that we offer, in terms of our treatments and products, are medical-grade and backed; this means that we can treat a wide variety of skin concerns, ranging from acne, rosacea, pigmentation and redness to anti-ageing and general skin health.

I want The Source Clinic to be about building a community, and understanding your skin’s individual needs and concerns, so we offer simple, tailored consultations to empower you with positive skin attitudes and knowledge. We are the step before becoming invasive, meaning that we can treat concerns non-invasively if that’s not for you. We want to ensure that every client leaves us feeling rejuvenated, understood and glowing, inside and out!

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Which products and treatments can you not live without?

I love my Alumier MD Ultimate Boost Serum, it’s a lifesaver for hydrating, plumping and keeping my skin feeling firm and fresh! I use it morning and evening, and I really notice the difference in the texture of my skin and fine lines if I run out of it.

I also love a Hydrafacial; it makes my skin feel instantly smoother, softer and brighter, and the results last for weeks. I can really tell when I’ve not had one for a while as my skin starts to look sluggish and dull. I recommend them as a one-off treatment for a special occasion if you need a quick boost, but personally I have them monthly to keep my skin at its best, helping with cell renewal and collagen production to give me a dewier and more youthful appearance.

Which one item should every woman have as part of her skincare regime?

Without a doubt, a broad spectrum SPF. It’s the best things that you can do for anti-ageing, and to protect against future damage. Most sunscreens protect against UVB, the rays that cause burning, but even when there’s no sun, UVA rays are still present, and these are the rays which cause signs of ageing.

The Alumier MD SPFs that we use at The Source Clinic are all broad spectrum, and use physical sunscreen, which is better for the skin as it reflects light rather than absorbing it. They also contain antioxidants to fight against free radicals and pollution, so your skin has full protection – it’s a daily must!

Which treatment will you be recommending Hood readers enjoy this summer?

In the summer months, skin can look and feel different, as we usually have higher levels of sun and heat exposure. I recommend booking in for The Source Facial; a tailored treatment which concentrates on draining toxins and hydrating and re-plumping the skin.

The facial removes the build-up of dead skin cells, and uses advanced skincare products to push moisture into the skin. The specialised products we use can help to repair any damage caused by the sun, and prepare the skin for any upcoming holidays. You can also add on radiofrequency skin tightening to lift and sculpt the face or neck, which is ideal for a special event or a trip away.

Find out more about Julie and The Source Clinic by visiting or following along on Instagram @thesourceclinic