Hancock Vulcanised Articles launch bespoke outerwear range with Kickstarter campaign

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Iconic Scottish outerwear manufacturer, Hancock Vulcanised Articles, has announced a Kickstarter campaign to launch three fully customisable, luxury raincoat ranges, providing a bespoke option for the first time in the brand’s history.

Renowned for their exclusive, handmade and completely natural range of rainwear, Hancock’s Kickstarter campaign will give customers the chance to own a completely customisable coat from the brand.

Funds raised from the Kickstarter campaign, which will launch on December 14, will be used to pre-order fabric for the label’s new waxed cotton and melton wool collections, as well as allowing Hancock to increase its manufacturing capacity for the customisation service.

With pledges starting from just £175, backers will receive up to 50% off the future retail price of their customisable coat, handmade and delivered anywhere in the world by April 2019. The brand is hoping to achieve its target of £15,000 by January 18 2019.

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Hancock Handmade Vulcanised Coats.jpg

The three new customisable options are available in a waxed cotton (usually £350), a melton wool (£450) and Hancock’s eponymous vulcanised material (ranging from £650-£900), in a selection of styles with a broad range of optional extras, to turn your handmade coat into an item that’s completely unique.

The options to make your Hancock raincoat bespoke are limitless, from adding a quilted, coloured or woollen lining, inclduing additional pockets or a hood, or opting for a longer length. The finished result will be so much more personal than an off-the-shelf product.

Using a truly handmade manufacturing process that dates back over 175 years, the unique techniques and skills employed by the factory have paved the way for Hancock to offer customers several bespoke options, in a move unrivalled by other British outerwear labels.

With an illustrious history of producing garments for some of the world’s leading fashion houses and tailors, including Stella McCartney and Maison Margiela, the Hancock team have a wealth of experience in creating beautiful handcrafted coats to treasure. With free restoration and repairs for life, Hancock coats are designed to last for a lifetime.

Every Hancock garment is produced exclusively in the brand’s Scottish factory, using only the finest locally-sourced fabrics and components. Cottons, silks and wools are bonded with natural rubber in an original Victorian factory, whilst waxed cottons and melton wools are sourced from UK-based premium mills.

Graham Blakey, commercial director at Hancock, says, “Our workforce is incredibly talented, they are so skilful and dedicated to their craft. I felt that it was time to bring this wealth of experience and passion for creating a beautiful product, directly to the consumer – not just in the traditional retail sense, but by allowing the customer to have more say in how their coat is constructed. Not only does this allow for a more bespoke offering, it allows us to cut out several unnecessary costs. Using this model, we can offer a luxury, handmade product at a price that is more affordable.”

To pledge to the Kickstarter campaign and be one of the first to design and receive your bespoke Hancock raincoat, visit Hancock’s Kickstarter page from December 14th 2018 and make your pledge. Prices start from £175.

For more information, visit hancockva.com