IKEA has turned iconic living rooms from TV shows into a reality

Ikea Friends.jpg

When it comes to on-screen interiors, is there anywhere more iconic than Monica Geller’s living room in Friends? Now you don’t just have to admire it from the other side of the screen - you can recreate the look in your very own living room with the help of IKEA’s latest advertising campaign.

IKEA’s new ‘Real-Life Series’ sees three of TV’s most recognisable living rooms transformed into real rooms, furnished entirely with IKEA products. As well as Monica’s apartment, the Swedish furniture giant has also created their own version of the Byers’ living room from Stranger Things, and the iconic couch from The Simpsons.

It took over two months for the experts to source the right items for each set, but now they’re all available for you to buy - either separately or all together to create your own version of the TV living rooms.

Ikea Stranger Things.jpg
Ikea The Simpsons_0.jpg

The campaign was dreamed up by creative agency Publicis Spain and IKEA UAE, to help showcase the brand’s range of products for the diverse expat community in the Middle East. By highlighting IKEA products in an already familiar setting, they hope to show that IKEA has furniture solutions for all cultures and all families.

The rooms will even be recreated in-store so fans can immerse themselves in their favourite TV shows. Sadly, this will only be happening in the Middle East so you won’t be able to pop into The Simpsons’ living room in your local IKEA - but we’ll certainly be shopping online to get our hands on some of our favourite pieces.

Head to IKEA UAE’s website to view the products and recreate the rooms in your own home: ikea.com/ae/en/rooms/ikea-real-life-series-pub0ffd1c71