Next launches in-between jeans to help you find your perfect fit

next jeans 1.jpg

Have you ever wriggled your way into a pair of jeans in a changing room and found that the fit was less than flattering? Or perhaps you’ve ordered a few pairs in your usual size, just to find that they’re actually not really like your usual size at all?

Whether you find that waistbands are gappy or the thighs are too tight, we know all too well that when it comes to jeans, one size really doesn’t fit all.

But high-street favourites Next have come to the rescue, with a brand-new range of in-between sizes!

Launching this month, you can now try and buy jeans in sizes 11, 13, 15 and 17, meaning that you’re more likely to be able to find your perfect fit, if you’ve always felt that you’re outside of the standard sizing options.

next jeans 2.jpg
next jeans 3.jpg

Next’s team decided to introduce the range after it came out as a top suggestion in customer feedback, and it will be trialled on three of the brand’s most popular styles – slim, skinny and bootcut, as well as chinos, in a range of colours. And the good news is that even more styles and sizes will be added towards the end of April, so don’t fear if you think you might be a size 9 after all.

The new in-between jeans start from just £22, so you can stock up on your size and feel fantastic this spring, knowing that you look fitted and fabulous in your trusty denims.

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