Upcycle your undies at Odyssey Boutique's Bra Amnesty


Don’t know about you, but it’s been a shockingly long time since we went for a proper bra fitting. Our underwear drawer is full of tired, faded and ill-fitting pieces that have definitely seen better days.

But instead of chucking them straight in the landfill, do a good deed and bring your old bras along to Odyssey Boutique’s Bra Amnesty. Not only will you get to recycle your old bra, saving the planet one garment at a time, you’ll also be supporting a fantastic charity - and you’ll get a brand new, properly fitted bra to take home too.

The Bra Amnesty is a chance to dig out your old bras (whether they’re still wearable or clearly ready for the bin), trade them in for charity and finally get the fitting you’ve been promising yourself for ever. Every donated bra is transferred, via local charity Smalls for All, to women in Africa who’ll re-trade your barely worn bras in their own small businesses, or re-invest the money raised from recycling the textiles to their own community projects.

There are a limited number of Bra Amnesty appointments available, running until July 20, so be quick and book your slot now. Sarah, Odyssey Boutique’s founder and bra fitter extraordinaire, will guide you through a fitting to help you find beautiful new underwear that fits like a glove.

Sarah comments: “Not only will you be supporting women around the world, sending less lingerie to landfill and do it all while looking and feeling all kinds of sensational; but by checking in for a special edition Bra Amnesty fitting appointment I promise to find you new lingerie that’s such a pleasure to wear you’ll never want to take it off. It’s a win-win-win for womankind.”

To book your special Bra Amnesty appointment, call Odyssey Boutique on 0131 220 2908 or email info@odysseyboutique.co.uk.

Odyssey Boutique, 39-41 William Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7LW - odysseyboutique.co.uk