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You might refer to us as Scotland's newest glossy magazine, but we like to think we're doing things a little bit differently. The country's first, free national magazine created exclusively by working women for working women, we don't just know our reader, we walk in her shoes.

We're high achievers - but we still think keeping on top of the laundry basket is a laudable success. We care how we look - but we don't have hours to spend ironing, and we rely on dry shampoo a little more than we'd like to admit. 

Aimed squarely at Scotland's savvy professional women, our reader may well have already built both a career and a family, but she is at a stage in her life where she's more likely to be climbing the career ladder than stepping off it. Now, as she prepares to enter the prime of her life, she wants an emotionally intelligent magazine that is cool and contemporary, that recognises the diverse needs and desires of modern women, and that speaks to her the way her friends do over a contraband glass of school night pinot noir (even if they all know that two-day hangovers are now a definite reality.

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This is our 'hood, and we think the cool, accomplished, funny women that make it what it is deserve a magazine that celebrates them.

- Jennifer Crichton-Gibson, Editor


Each month, Hood will bring you a unique mix of expertly curated fashion, beauty, interiors, food and drink, travel and wellbeing content, highlighting a lifestyle that is both aspirational and modern, yet affordable, accessible and, most importantly, always rooted in Scotland. Because this is our 'hood, and we think the cool, accomplished, funny women that make it what it is deserve a magazine that celebrates them.


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